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Identify the right candidates for automation

RPA is beginning to have a profound impact on business operation costs. However, the inability to identify use cases for automation remains one of the key impediments for RPA/AI adoption.

Automation is much more than a simple transfer of tasks from man to machine. Many enterprises still follow the traditional approach for the RPA automation journey. Unfortunately, this approach which is based on tedious manual assessments of limited processes, industry use cases, and sample datasets is inefficient and time-consuming. It involves steps such as discussions with team members and SMEs, time and motion studies, managing complex documentation and other time consuming tasks. All of these lead to business disruptions. This traditional and manual approach eventually ends with incorrect choice of the process, longer pilots, and sometimes, abandonment of the entire initiative due to delays and cost overruns.

Skopiq recommends the 'Step Zero' approach to identify the right processes that are amenable for RPA automation. "Step Zero" approach is driven by these core principles

  • Avoid disrupting existing users; their time is precious
  • Plan to capture and analyze all data
  • Do not initiate major changes to the IT ecosystem
  • Avoid evaluation or select any tool as the first step

Why Skopiq Vision is the need of the hour

Skopiq Vision is a lightweight SaaS platform, with in-built patented AI and Machine Learning algorithms, that auto-discovers and recommends the right processes for automation. Without disrupting the daily activities of the workforce, it runs silently in the background, learning and capturing the data at a task level. It analyses the tasks and patterns to predict the automation hotspots while estimating the potential savings.

Drive continuous enterprise process efficiency with the AI and ML-powered learning ability of Skopiq Vision

Discover automation use cases and projected cost savings without causing business disruptions

Deliver faster savings on automation with actionable insights using Skopiq Vision

Deploy Skopiq Vision in less than 60 minutes to capture and analyse the existing processes

Success story

How Skopiq Vision helped a US-based insurance company identify the right processes for automation

Current Business Scenario: The company has 100+ business users across three centers, working on 20+ processes involving claims, underwriting, compliance, and support. There was a need to identify automation opportunities across multiple systems and technologies in order to maximize the benefits of automation. Due to the limited availability of business users, the company’s priority was to complete the pending work.

Skopiq Solution: Skopiq Vision was seamlessly deployed for all business users to discover multiple processes that are best suited for automation. Skopiq Vision captured task data which comprised over 20 processes across 100+ business users. Some of the business benefits were:

  1. Identified Top 5 processes for automation
  2. Projected an annualized savings of over $1.8 million
  3. No disruption to business users
  4. 70% less expensive compared to traditional manual and disruptive approach

Make your automation journey count

Skopiq Vision can help accelerate your automation journey while identifying new areas for optimization and innovation. You can build your Bots using any RPA tool of your choice.

Key features of Skopiq Vision

  • Silently runs in the background
  • Zero impact to PC performance
  • Configurable options for data capture
  • Role-based access with data security

Benefits of Skopiq Vision

  • Provides actionable use cases with projected savings
  • Offers a heat map of areas for productivity improvement
  • Augments operational security
  • Identifies hidden costs

Does it matter which car you buy if you don’t know where you want to go?
Get automation right with Skopiq Vision.


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