What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software program that is built to automate keystrokes and clicks i.e. mimic human actions. Automation delivered using RPA are called “Bots”. In simple words, a Bot is a digital employee that can automate many processes without human intervention. They do not require any change in the underlying system and can work on most common technologies and platforms. Driven by AI and Machine Learning capabilities, RPA involves the automation of high-volume and repetitive tasks. For industries undergoing digital transformation, it can be challenging to maximize the potential of RPA Bots. The traditional approach of implementation involves steps such as:

Such traditional Bots may help in overcoming the challenges of digitalization, but they invariably result in longer timelines while incurring higher costs.

Why Skopiq RPA

Skopiq RPA simplifies the adoption process by providing the end-to-end software stack for automation without the hassles of any 3rd party software. You can build and deploy Bots that are affordable, easy to control, scalable, and low on maintenance. Skopiq RPA Bots are also lightweight solutions, which can smoothly run on desktop-class machines. Skopiq Bots can be deployed across the most complex systems within 4-6 weeks.

  • End-to-end software stack – no purchase of 3rd party software
  • Build Bots with Skopiq Studio - integrated 300+ technology components
  • Bots are affordable, easy to control, scale and maintain
  • Configurable business rules for each process automation
  • Built on latest technologies - responsive UI, Single Page Application
  • Light weight solution – can run on desktop class machines
  • Full deployment in 2 to 4 weeks
  • All-inclusive subscription priced models

Automate your process to maximize efficiency

In your automation journey, building solutions from scratch can be very frustrating. The chances of being error-prone are high, with frequent exchanges between business, process owners, and developers.

Skopiq’s pre-configured RPA Bots require minimal human intervention. You can quickly and securely deploy them in your organization to drive process efficiency and trigger business growth opportunities.

Transformational solutions in the world of insurance

Skopiq’s pre-configured RPA Bots can reinvent the automation journey in the insurance industry. You can accelerate your automation journey as a future-ready insurance provider without incurring major overhead costs.

  • Underwriting: Document Audit Bot for missing documents such as photos, ID cards, driving licenses, and more
  • Claims settlement: Claims Bot to settle low-value claims based on business rules such as windshield damage, towing claims, car rental claims, or others
  • Claims review: Document Audit Bot to manage any receipt for expenses incurred due to claims and upload documents for review by the underwriter/claim adjusters
  • Regulatory compliance: Data Bot to update Insurance Authority Portal with policy details
  • Fraud identification: VIN check for US/Europe imported vehicles, and more
  • Smart underwriting: Issuance of standard policies
  • Transaction Audit Bot: Review premium amounts for issued policies
  • Claim Recoveries: Send, receive, and reconcile information from insurers/vendors
  • Inspection Reports: Review home inspection reports and update/cancel policies

Align to industry-specific automation goals

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