We believe transformation need not be disruptive for anyone in an enterprise - customers, business users, IT or support teams

Skopiq is a leading technology solution provider focused on driving automation excellence for enterprises on the road to digital transformation. From the discovery to deployment, we support you during every stage of the automation transformation.

Skopiq Vision, our Bot solution for identifying automation opportunities, can be implemented in an hour to capture information from particular business areas. It automatically lists all the potential opportunities for automation with projected cost savings. Skopiq Vision provides insights to enhance the user experience and workforce productivity.

We provide pre-configured, ready-to-deploy Bots with configurable rules to meet any of your business needs. Our Bots are built with best-in-class frameworks to optimize your operations and ensure faster, better, and cost-effective service delivery.

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Naresh Kothari: Chief Executive Officer

Naresh brings over two decades of experience as a technology stalwart. Having worked with companies across industries, he has a proven track record of harnessing the power of AI and RPA since 2009.

As CEO of Skopiq, Naresh' versatility and endurance with people, projects, ideas have helped many clients reap the benefits of automation excellence. A specialist in high-value software solution designing, he has empowered them to complex business problems.

Prior to Skopiq, he was the Americas Head - RPA Products and Platforms at Infosys. He worked with more than 100 Fortune 500 companies to automate several processes in F&A, supply chain, HR operations, and customer service across the globe.

Chandrakant Binwani: Chief Technology Officer

CK is a dynamic and versatile thought leader who has been at the forefront of innovation for many years. With over two decades of experience in the technology industry, he has built ideas from scratch and seen them evolve into growth accelerators. CK dons many hats at Skopiq - from conceptualizing and architecting the product lines to managing product engineering and delivery teams, as well as overseeing delivery operations for multiple clients.

He continues to spearhead several initiatives that help enterprises enhance the value of customer experience across channels.

In his previous roles, CK has been an empowering force in successful enterprise solutions for global companies. In his 15 years at Infosys, he incubated a culture of product excellence in the age of digital.

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